Saturday, February 15, 2014

Garuda Rising VisDev: Tiago and Danica

One of the projects I’ve been working on since the first of the year is finalizing character designs for a personal project of mine - a scifi concept titled Garuda Rising. Thought I'd start with two of the characters who were in the position of being the least fleshed-out visually: Tiago and Danica. Here's a little info on each, for fun:

Tiago Arden (Species: Terran): Tiago is an expert pilot, and a former cartographer/navigations specialist by trade, both skill sets of which he finds use for heavily, and often. In addition, Tiago has the coolest head on the ship, able to keep his focus in even the most tumultuous situation. If by some happenstance you do see him panic, start saying your Hail Mary’s. You’re probably going to die.

Danica Deacon = (Species: Terran/Veorh Halfling) Danica is something of a conundrum aboard the Garuda V. She, alongside a young Terran girl named Alexis, were rescued from imprisonment aboard a Gulthorian raider. However, Danica’s status as an Ensign from the Terran military landed her right back in a holding cell, in the Garuda’s own brig. From the onset, no one apart from Alexis (A life-long Terran Military brat) trusted her presence not to be a threat to ship and operations security. Equally perturbing was the fact that the crew seemed rather stuck with the woman for the time being, as traveling into Terran occupied territory to be rid of her was too great a threat to their own safety, and leaving her on a Kaden Sector hub, or any less reputable transport ship could land her dead, or hostage at great risk to her well-being. With time and out of pure necessity, Tiago begins to make it his business to acclimate the young woman to his crewmates. She is brought to join them for meals, and allowed to wander, supervised, during down-time. It is much to everyone’s surprise when she seems to grow fond of some of them - particularly the children and their cool-natured captain - and even begins, albeit hesitantly, enlisting suggestions as to how to deal with the constant threat posed by Sol Union ships. Her ultimate motives and trustworthiness, however, remains to be seen.

Thanks for viewing, as always!

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