Monday, January 9, 2012

Fireflies Lines and Poster Process

Line Art for a new commission for Marie and her husband of their wonderful characters, Tyra and Marthin. I went through probably 6 potential compositions for this - I've been sketching like a madwoman! lol - and settled on this one, as I think it'll be a fun, story-telling illustration once it is complete. Here, late one evening, Tyra and Marthin set up camp deep within a mysterious forest. As Tyra sets up a dry, cozy place for them to sleep, Marthin casts spells by the fire, assuring that their campfire will stay alight and warm without the need for rekindling through the night, and setting a couple of protective spells about as well, to assure they will rest unthreatened.  I thought it would be fun if, this deep in the magical woods, there is a type of nocturnal luminescent moth that is attracted to spell-casting. As Marthin casts his spells, these beautiful, silent little bugs draw near, glowing prettily, feeding off of the energy conjured by Marthin's magic. Tyra is bemused as one flies before her, watching her curiously.

 Also! By request, I created a process step-by-step for the recently completed ARMSmosters poster. For a full-res look at this process presentation, check out my submission over at DeviantART here.


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