Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dynamic Duo

Hey all! Well, here's a fun exercise. One of my current commissions has me helping to design a back tattoo for my good buddy Patrick. One of the tattoo's overriding themes is animation, including two iconics - Mickey and Bugs. So, to start, it was pretty important to make sure I can capture both characters - above are my initial doodles for the pair. I actually hadn't attempted to draw either characters since preschool, which is really a shame - they're both allot of fun. Mickey, surprisingly, for looking like a simple little chap, is a challenge to try to get on model... boy is he cute, though.

As a tattoo design - a detailed one, at that - I suspect I'll be creating a whole host of sketches for this particular project. Once I have a fair amount, I'll make a more in-depth post with them.



Ericka The Artist said...

They look cute. I havent attempted to draw either one of them as well since elementary school ^_^. Fun commission nonetheless ^_^. im jealous ^_^

Tori said...

love it!