Monday, July 25, 2011

My Dad The Giant

 So, this was tremendously entertaining. I finally had the opportunity to complete coloring on the promotional poster for my good buddy Patrick's short film in production, "My Dad The Giant." This was quite the awesome exercise in general, as I've had so little time in Photoshop over the past many months, as a recent feature gig has kept me headlong in to Nuke-based compositing instead. It was actually quite fun to jump from that to a more painterly look coloring this poster - I learned a great deal very quickly. 

Anyhow, do be sure to check out Patrick's production blog for the film, if you get the chance, it's a fantastic piece. Thanks for viewing! And thanks again, Patrick, for such a fun and challenging commission project.

I'm hoping to have some personal project-related art to show you all soon. Keep an eye out. :)


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