Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Private SNAFU Classics DVD on Amazon!

After tremendous effort and a myriad of fantastic collaborations, my friend and mentor Steve Stanchfield has completed "Private SNAFU Golden Classics" - a gem of a new release through his Thunderbean Animation Studio.

On the DVD itself:
The hilarious 'Private Snafu' cartoons hold a unique and unusual place in the history of American animated films. Originally produced during World War 2 as part of the Army/Navy Screen Magazine, they remain the most entertaining series of shorts never intended for general audience. The series was idea of Frank Capra, with many of the early entries written and supervised by Ted Geisel (Dr. Suess). They feature some of the finest work produced by the Warner Brothers/Schlesinger Studios in the early/ mid 40's by directors Chuck Jones, Friz Freling, Frank Tashlin and Bob Clampett. Over 60 years since the last of the series was produced they remain fresh and entertaining.

Thunderbean presents this special collector's edition, beautifully restored and resmastered almost entirely from the original 35mm elements! All 30 'Snafu' cartoons are included, counting his four appearances in the 'A Few Quick Facts' series. Special Features include a four page illustrated booklet about the films and their creators, still galleries featuring rare original production art, and commentaries by cartoon historians Mike Kazaleh, Jerry Beck, Eric Goldberg, Mark Mayerson and John Kricfalusi.
The DVD was graciously featured on Cartoon Brew on two instances recently by animation historian Jerry Beck, who also provided his wonderful incite to the DVD's special features. Below is a preview of the DVD's special features, narrated by Mr. Beck himself.

The DVD also includes a title sequence animated by Mark Kausler (cleanup by Steve, and my good friend Patrick Stannard) As well as cover character art by Eric Goldberg. I was honored to have the opportunity to illustrate the environmental background for Eric's wonderful drawing of SNAFU for the DVD cover - process of which Steve has kindly granted me permission to share with you all in a post to come.


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