Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prints for sale!

It's official: I now have a myriad of my artwork online and available for sale as prints! If you'd like to own some of my artwork by aren't yet ready for commissions, or you are simply awesome and would be kind enough to help a gal out, please check out my new PRINTS galleries at Imagekind, which include both illustrations & photography!

Prints, framed and matted artwork, and greeting cards are available.

Prices start as low as $9.50 and & $11.40!

All proceeds go to helping me buy food/keep from living in a cardboard box, and are genuinely appreciated!

ALSO, if there are any pieces of mine that you would like to be made available as a print that is not yet seen in the gallery, please feel free to let me know! All print requests can be sent to I'm sorry, I cannot legally add fanart to this gallery.

Thank you for your support! 
It helps more then you could know ♥


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