Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MMA Vlog 001: Portfolio Madness!

My 150th post to this humble little blog begets its first video blog post. Do excuse my intensely haggard, under-slept appearance/voice here - it's been an impossibly busy roller coaster of a past few weeks in general, and the lack of rest is definitely whooping my butt by this time of the morning. Anyhow! Here's a quick update on what's going on at the moment (Swimming in portfolios! Eek!) and what'll be coming up soon. It may also be an interesting look into self-promotion for animators/artists, as I know I've got quite a few art students watching. :) I hope this is helpful.

This Vlog mentions:

Cheers (And I swear, I'm going to go get some sleep now),


Faidra said...

Poor exhausted Mel!!! Though really interesting for me to see the sorts of things you have to get together for self promotion, so I guess..thankyou.
I hope your job interview goes well, and that you get alot of interest at the festival.
Also, I hope your friend does really well in his Disney interview, rooting for him :D

Patrick Stannard said...

This vlog is coming from inside the house!