Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CCS 2010 SEO Show Setup

So, tomorrow, I gradate from CCS. I couldn't be more ready, let me tell you. The past week has been spent laboring over getting my space set up for CCS's 2010 Senior Exhibition show. I found out very recently that I'd been granted, quite kindly, the spot of runner-up to Senior Select for the year for the Entertainment Arts department, so I've had a rather large space to fill. I think, in the end, things shaped up rather nicely indeed. Here's a couple of shots of my space for the show, and I'm sure there will be more where that came from soon enough.

The full set-up, along with a ridiculous blinking me, care of my buddy Patrick.

Close up! The table includes Caraan's production book and my portfolio. All prints and original drawn images are either framed or matted, and everything on the wall is available for purchase.

My recently completed piece, "After the Tale: Roadside Rest;" both the original line drawing as well as a color print of the final image.

A couple of drawn frames from Caravan, as a large-scale print of "Polly Want A Soliloquy?"

It's a Mel! Completing show set-up after a good 20 hours of preparatory work makes Mels very happy indeed.... yeeeah, I'll stop talking in third person now. Yick.

Here's to tomorrow's graduation!

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