Saturday, May 15, 2010

Caravan Updates as of 05-16-10

Caravan Official Trailer (Updated!) from Mel Miller on Vimeo.

Caravan's first official trailer, (Now with two new shots!) compiled both for the CCS 2010 Senior Show, and for use by the Stratton Foundation, who was recently kind enough to award the film and myself a generous scholarship. A film (Concept, Animation, Backgrounds and Color) by Mel Miller. Compositing by Niles Bontrager. Music by Larry Larson.

Well, it's official - I'm now an alumni to the College for Creative Studies. My graduation was positively wonderful; I'll post an entry on it here soon. While I'm taking a week or two off of Caravan's production for some much needed rest, I'll be diving back into the remaining clean-up, color and final composite soon enough, with the goal of completion set somewhere amidst late September 2010. For the moment, however, below are the links to the latest updates and entries on the film's production, as seen on Caravan's official production blog, including "After the Tale: Roadside Rest," a recently finished concept illustration, as seen below the links.

"After The Tale: Roadside Rest" 2010


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Scarlet said...

Saw your stuff at the student show. Looked great! Cheers