Sunday, May 11, 2008

Summer at the Creeds

A little bit of silly fanart to kick off the summer. "Summer at the Creeds" - My take on Marvel's Sabretooth, along with my characters Kayo and Riley Cole, and my buddy Carl and I's character, Minx, roughing it somewhere about the vast woodlands of the Creed Estates.
Also, a little bit of sketchbook character drivel. Line art for Cali "Minx" Creed, (an XMen fan character created by myself an my buddy, Carl Owens, many years back) which I hope to color soon. Hope everyone is doing well!




Sufi said...

This is CAMPING to the max! If I do say so myself. <3

Stephanie Fargo said...

Sry that was me. I was signed into my gmail and it signs me in as Sufi here. XDDD

Jozi said...

yay~! first post for the summer, woohoo~!

glad to see ya sketchin' (even durin' break). y'know, the last time i've camped was during my childhood. i kinda miss those gypsie days. *sigh*

i like the gesture and expression on the kid, it makes me happy (he/she?).

let me know if you figure out any impromptu animation techniques outside of school. it'll be pretty cool to comeback as animation McGuyvers. XD