Friday, May 2, 2008

Drako Maquette Complete

Here is the finished product of my third and final character maquette sculpture of Drako from Larry Larson's class this semester. Larry was kind enough to take a myriad of nicely lit portfolio shots of the project for me, so I though I would share. More detail shots of the sculpture are below.



MaryBeth said...

This a beautiful! :)

Hey, how do I link you from my blog? I don't understand this site. lol!!

But really, I wish I could draw like you! You are awesome!

Mel said...

Hey there, Marybeth! It's awesome to see you have a Blogspot too! I just added you to my links list. To add other folks to a list of your own, click the "customize" link to the top right of your page. That will take you to a page that will allow you to add features to your blog such as link lists, visitor count charts, etc. Once you've added a links list, click "edit" to add the actual links, and it will allow you to do that through a popup window ^-^ Hopefully that helps. And thank you for the comment here! :D

Jozi said...

i know its clay, but when seeing the fur detail, i'm almost convinced its flowing in the wind.