Sunday, July 1, 2012

ARMSmaster's Aeslyn: Magic Caster

Another collaboration with Michael Winn - this is Aeslyn from The ARMSmasters Project. Mike drew and flat-colored this one, I added shading, lighting, and VFX.

For anyone who has not yet had the opportunity, I'd like to encourage you to check out our fundraising efforts for this animated pilot over on Kickstarter:

It's an exciting opportunity to not only make this action-adventure animation a reality, but to support Michigan artists and our local film industry.

How do Kickstarter donations work? Here's a great explanation from Mike:

Kickstarter is a crowd source funding website where you can back creative projects financially.(No withdraws happen from your bank account until after the end of the funding deadline)

As a result: If you have intentions of backing us and haven't done so - it's actually a good idea to just go ahead and pledge. You can always adjust your pledge amount afterwards and it helps push our project further by increasing our backer numbers and our current figures. The more backers we have and the higher our totals the more we get noticed, so please back us sooner rather then later if it is your intention to do so. :)

Thanks again!
- Mel

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