Monday, May 21, 2012

Motor City Comic Con 2012

Hi everyone! So, this past weekend was my first foray into a comic book convention, as I attended the Motor City Comic Con with my friends and artistic cohorts from the ARMSmasters Project crew, as a part of Alpha Omega Animation's artist alley table. Admittedly I'm still completely dazed from such an awesome experience, but suffice to say, the con was fantastic, the huge collection of artists gathered there were wildly inspiring, and the sheer quantity of amazing geek merchandise available from the vendors? Well, lets just say it was very hard to show any spending impulse control. I'm still amazed that the only thing I walked out with was a red shirt Star Trek house robe, because let me tell you - I wanted all of the things.

We had so much fun though, my friends, fiance and I - I was able to sell quite a few prints as well as create a number of on-the-spot sketch commissions for a bunch of lovely folks as well, which just added to the excitement. I'm already looking forward to next year's event!

A huge thanks to everyone I had the opportunity to speak to at the con - it was great to meet you , and your kind words and support mean so much. The AoA crew and I are already talking about attending more conventions this year - I'll let you know as soon as we have our tables booked, and where. For now - here's some photos from MCCC.

 A couple of the various sketches I created while there as well (Lots of requests for pretty ladies! lol. Including my own OC Remi, though, which was especially cool. Also pictured: Black Cat and Red Sonja.)


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