Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jorzan and The Viscount

Story time! So, a couple of months ago, a lovely gal named Andrea commissioned me to illustrate she and her other half, Lochlan's, schnazzy gangster RPG characters as a surprise for Lochlan's birthday present. The illustration was great fun to do, and to my excitement, the gift's recipient loved the final piece. So much so, in fact that Lochlan approached me not long after with the request to create a similar illustration for his brother of their RPG characters fro Christmas. Now that the holiday has come and gone,I can share the results with everyone. Above is Jorzan, (Whose outfit was loosely inspired by this awesome painting of Stephen Colbert by request) The Viscount, and the Viscount's feisty familiar, Cholmondeley (pronounced CHUM-lee.) I had a particularly great amount of fun rendering Chum and the boys' curly hair on this one. Thanks again, Lochlan!


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Sarah said...

What a great illustration! One of my favorite from you ever. Been internet-watching you for many years and your art is always great fun.