Sunday, June 12, 2011

ARMSmasters Project - 2011 Teaser

Cross-posted from The ARMSmasters Production Blog:
 (As written by Mike Winn)

This video has been a long time coming! For awhile now we've had videos that showed what our intention was for a finished complete look for ARMSmasters and it was my desire to string these together to create another teaser trailer that featured these most complete and finished looking shots. Well time and circumstance stepped in and I wasn't able to get -every- shot that I wanted done in this fashion done and so as a result I pushed back the creation of this new teaser, and pushed and pushed. Well recent events have lit a fire under me and I decided to just use what I had to create the current edit. While working on it I was again struck by how much artistic talent is available here in southeastern Michigan and the colors and effect treatments were done by people on their own time and with no budget!

This will likely be the last edit that uses the original short footage, excepting a smoothing out of things here or there or an addition if another shot is finished, but we intend to look forward towards a Pilot Episode teaser, Kickstarter and hopefully results and direction following our participation in the Pitch Party for Animation Magazine. Thanks for continuing to send your support!

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