Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow Puppy

I needed something random and cute to draw - and something completely different than anything I've been doing in Caravan for the past few months - so, here's Moxie as a puppy in the snow. Hello, cute overload. ;) This silly quickie is all-digital from sketch to finish, created on Niles 's Cyntiq. It feels so wonderful to create art for FUN! It's been too long!

Also, I'm quite pleased to note that I've been granted some unexpected commercial freelance work over the break - looking forward to it!



Patrick Stannard said...

All on the Cintiq? Jaysus, how did you get such clean line-work? Anyhoo, indeed that is extremely cute.

Mel Miller said...

So far, just practice! This is my first all-Cyntiq piece, actually. I'm surprised the cleanliness of the lines you can get out of it. I'd always heard Photoshop in particular was rough for lineart. I'm digging it though - still practicing too. Hopefully I'll get a bit speedier with it in time.