Sunday, July 26, 2009

Regrouping after the fallout.

In the span of so few months, I have watched my family lose practically everything, been homeless, nearly lost my grasp on any feasible financial ability to complete my senior year at college, found work, wrangled needed financial aid, found, rented and moved into a home, and took on a summer class, to boot.

Needless to say, I have been ungodly busy. Art has set to the wayside while I simply try to survive, as I haven't the luxury to simply sit on my ass and artistically procreate in the carefree manner some seem to think I should (and to them, I simply have to laugh.)

However, things are finally beginning to calm, at least for the moment. From now until the beginning of my respective senior year classes in the fall, I will be picking back up on the production timeline that was so abruptly yanked out from beneath me on Caravan - I am immensely excited for that. For now, here's a few random tidbits from the Matihao Whenua project - the only two images I've been able to consider properly in weeks.

More to come.


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