Saturday, June 6, 2009

Moxie in Whenua Forest

Grimm's older sister Moxie (yup, she officially has one!) on the outskirts of the Whenua Forest... and finally with a concrete design. More on her soon - I'm wildly attached to her already.

A piece helping to push me through an utterly intense art block, caused by super busy happenings including but not limited to Animation competitions (what an experience!), having had to fight to the teeth to secure my senior year at college financially (check), find proper summer work (also a success), and searching for a house to rent in this lovely economy (Still on the hunt)

But I digress.

Moxie. I think she's incredibly reflective of my somewhat voracious, pithy, hardened take on things as of late. She's had to work like hell for everything she's got - and she's still fighting.

A digital multimedia piece: pencil line art, digital coloration as well as a photomanipulation/digital paint mix for the background.

Thanks for viewing, guys. You rock. Hope you're well <3

Stock Credits (and humble thank yous) go to:
Deviantart's Moonchilde-Stock, maliniaq-stock, and Momotte2stocks
As well as a number of textures from


1 comment:

Dwight Williamson II said...

What a brilliant collection of work you have here, and this piece is no different.

All of the highlights and subtle tonal changes between warm and cool are nothing short of inspiring.

Keep it up!