Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nexus: Simon, Dominic, and Cheyenne

Ah, bless Figure Illustration 1 for giving me the excuse amidst all of my maddening schedule to HAVE to work in a sketchbook. It's so hard to find the time otherwise, when I'm rifling madly through hundreds of loose sheets of animation paper on a daily basis! This is one of seven images I have to have in my sketchbook for the class. Ultimately, these seven images are supposed to lead up to a final concept for our final project - an illustration of our "Alter Ego." My argument is, as animators, our characters ARE our alter egos in one form or another, seeing as, as the "actors" behind the characters we create and animate, part of us is reflected in each and every one of them.

In this images' case, here's a trio of characters from my "Nexus" series: Simon Valkyrie (Top Left) Dominic Drowe (Top Right) and Cheyenne Valkyrie. Simon and Dom are the Alphas or leaders of rivaling Feral (or what humans would loosely consider "werewolf") packs. Cheyenne is the monkey wrench in their rivalry: Simon's firstborn and Dominic's mate. As you could imagine, all hell breaks loose amidst the lot quite frequently indeed.

Drawn in a cute little 5x8 inch sketchbook I picked up the other day.


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Gitter said...

This sketch is sick, very confidently drawn, keep it up.