Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Fairly quick image of Nyx done last night in the early AM, meant to be a better reference of the patterning for her motley hair. I also finished coloring her full-body ref yesterday, posted below.

Nyx (based on the Sardonyx gemstone) at age 10, is a pick-pocketing street rat who has proved utterly untamable and impossible to hold within the Nadir orphanage. She's been a run away since the age of 6 and while she's been captured and detained on numerous occasions for theft or simply to attempt to hold her long enough to put her back into the safe confines of the orphanage, she's renown for managing to either escape (Often with the help of other street-rats she has befriended over time, Willem especially) or simply run off again the moment the time is right. She currently resides safely, and quite sneakily, in a little living space she's made for herself amidst the gears of the massive clock in a tower built into a stone precipice near the center of Nadir. (She gains access to it interior through the tunnels beneath the city streets used for plumbing, so no one sees her going in or out of the building). At present the only people who know about her little home abode in the timemaster, Sid, who does routine maintenance on the massive clock, and Sid's good friend Celeste - neither of whom are talking, as they are both rather fond of the spunky squirt. As a whole, Nyx is brazen, ballsie, spitfire, and fun. She tends to be a leader to other streetrats, while looking up to and rather idolizing the ever-capable Willem, who has been living life as a pickpocket and rebel rouser far longer then she.


Erin Greener said...

I really like this character, especially the image on top. But there is one thing that is getting me a bit. The lower image of Nyx has a longer mouth line, which is giving her a more masculine look. If I didn't read the text, I may have mistaken her for a boy. The top image has a more feminine look due to the mouth. They both look great, the lower just confused me a little.

Mel said...

It's an intentional lack of distinction between the sexes. At ten, she's going to be rather androgynous - and a tomboy, no less.

Stephanie Fargo said...

There is no way that Nyx looks like a boy. Her eyes are too feminine to ever be mistaken for such. XP


I wanna dye my hair like that someday ):< Red and white=awesome