Friday, February 18, 2011

ARMSmasters: Tyr

Cross-posted from The ARMSmasters Project. Mike and I are amidst an effort to nail down finalized reference sheets for each member of the ARMSmasters cast. First on the list was one of the characters whose design has remained quite iconic and concrete since early in on in his conception, Tyr, which is now up in our Artwork gallery. I've often found myself describing Tyr as a living sculpture - his hulking body-builder physique makes him fascinating to draw, as much as his intelligent, approachable nature makes his intimidating size and strength a curious and interesting juxtaposition of character.

Creating these character sheets is proving a great deal of fun, as well as an exploration between what makes Mikes Style and mine our own - how each of us approach drawing shapes in different manners. My ultimate goal with these, of course, is to tailor them as closely to Mike's wonderful style as closely as I can. I receive initial rough sketches for every pose, every expression, and begin to tie them down more and more - each phase of tie down altered with Mike's red-line revisions. Once the line work reaches final approval, the final color treatment for these character sheets is made to reflect all of the final, polished elements we would like to bring to the finalized animation: dual layers of shadow, a gradient light layer, as well as colored line work. 

Below is an example, starting from the initial rough sketch I received through flat colors, of the revisions process these character sheets are going through, as we work to nail down the final look for these reference sheets.


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