Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ARMSmasters Clean-Up 2 and Doodles!

ARMSmasters Clean-Up (Set Two) from Mel Miller on Vimeo.

More second-pass cleanup for Mike Winn and Alpha Omega Animation's ARMSmaster's Project. Rough animation for these shots is by Mike Winn himself from his original trailer, second-pass tie-down on the second shot (Of Aeslyn) is by Patrick Stannard. All second-pass clean-up seen above is by myself.

Also, for the fun of it, I thought I'd share a handful of recent quick, rather rough doodles, because really, I've always found it fun to see artists' work at their earliest, basest stages.

Mike Winn's Aeslyn from ARMSmasters.

A couple of quick penciled "personality poses" drawn for Mike just yesterday as he was going through the process of figuring out just how to present the character in a cast line-up for the pitch bible. I've gotten remarkably attached to this character, and surprisingly fast. She rather jumps out of my pencil - a good sign for her, indeed.

Initial Design Thoughts for The Wolf King, and ARMSmaster's Colette

For some very odd reason I just started doodling in straight fine-tipped sharpie two days ago. This is completely unusual for me, but intriguing, and oddly freeing. I'm sure I'll be trying it more often from here. The above were first attempts at such, done very quickly. To the left is a character, yet unnamed, who sprouted from a rattlingly vivid dream the other night - to the right are some quick doodles of the ARMSmaster's youngest member, Colette, who's design I've quite happily been placed with pondering.


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